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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Damn you Jerry.

© Robert Sommers 2017
We are certainly living in interesting times.

Dana White of the UFC and Linda McMahon of the WWF, on one side of the squared circle, matched up against Meryl Streep, pinch me, is this real?

I don't think many of us will get through this presidency without copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, not to mention a serious sense of detachment.

In any case, a few things caught my eye yesterday that bear further attention.

The New York Times piece on Betty DeVos is must reading. Maybe we should be scared.

Hillary Clinton wasn't the enemy for these people, it is obviously Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal.
They are going to do everything they can to destroy the unions and tear down the safety net.

Dangerous woman. And a poster child for suspicious if not illegal conflicts of interest.

Michele Bachmann chimed in the other day as well.  She and Tony Perkins want Trump to reverse the state department and Obama Administration's evil "gay" agenda. Says that the administration is forcing other countries to have gay pride parades. Right.

Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer says that only followers of Jesus Christ can be patriots and that any opponents of christianity are traitors. Aren't we about due for a new inquisition?

I think that there is an easy smell check for this sort of thing. Would you want to share a meal or a drink with any of these people? I can't think of many of the GOP sycophants that I would want to have a cocktail with, with the exception maybe of Boehner, but he saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out of Dodge.

The rest of them all act like the people you see flipping off the jammers at roller derby events. If they are so batshit crazy that you wouldn't want to be seen with them in public, chances are they shouldn't have a role in running our government.

I blame Jerry Springer for everything. If he hadn't made skank acceptable in the American living room, there would be no Donald Trump show.


Jon Harwood said...

No matter what happens I shall always believe that a cowboy must have the right to marry his horse!

Anonymous said...

You speak for me - except the Jerry Springer disrespect. Good God, Robert...Jerry spent and taped entire episode with James Brown once. That sets him apart from Schmucko. Lotta blame to go around indeed.