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Monday, January 30, 2017

Great expectations

It was a pretty good week in Santa Barbara. I did a little better selling at the show than I expected to do. Had some decent meals, didn't get sick and managed to catch a little scenery. Success!

I also found a wonderful linocut from the important late african american artist Elizabeth Catlett that I believe I can probably make a few shekels on. Buying is fun, selling usually slightly less so.

It is interesting, after all of these years I have finally figured out that if you have low expectations you usually do better than expected. If you lead with your horns, thinking that you are going to kill, you usually have your lunch handed to you. Funny how that works...

Earl Warren Showgrounds

Anyway all the numbers lined up and I found buyers happy to pay up there or perhaps I should say, not so miserable to pay and did some biz. Now the show paled to the old days but these days there is a whole new frame of reference for what constitutes success. It is called "Can I pay my bills this month?" I have little concern beyond that. Maybe not the best job in the world but it does give me an opportunity to travel, write, take pictures and pontificate  and that ain't all bad.

As always I am very grateful for those of you whose purchases manage to keep me afloat.

My customary habit is to set up on the second day and then to explore the area. I visited the Monarch Butterfly Preserve in Goleta at Sperling Grove, a nice walk that had a lot going for it but few butterflies. A local told me that it had been a tough year for them.

Once again I couldn't get the camera to quite flow right but managed to grab a few that were acceptable.

Afterward I made a mistake and ate at the wrong Mexican tri tip and chicken place on Hollister. Wasn't cheap but I ended up leaving the carne on the table. Muy peligroso.

I drove over the hill and caught the sunset at Lake Cachuma in the Santa Ynez Valley. Very pretty , I need to do more exploring of this area where the beautiful people abide.

Had some good meals, a nice breakfast with talkative folks at the bar at Jeanine's, a 50th anniversary dinner at Chuck's Steak House, the owner Larry is a friend of mine. Best cioppino I ever had, a special at the Nugget, a meal I shared with Petteford.

Stayed at an old Motel, the Town and Country on State, which was really fine except for the second night when some tweakers decided to work on their cars til the wee hours in the parking lot.

So tired last night I had to stop at the Arco in Wildomar on the way home and sleep in the parking lot for a half hour. When I am swerving around on the freeway doing fifty it means I need to get off and close my eyes for a minute.

Feeling a little beat up today, will try to settle back easy.

It was good to get away from the computer for the week and the daily outrage. Funny, like Cassandra, I saw it all coming but was not believed. And I am more nonplussed than many at the goings on in Washington, because number one, I called it and number two, it helps to have low expectations. Or did I already say that?

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Ken Seals said...

I really like this set of images from Santa Barbara! Very well seen. A true artist's eye.