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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Bernard Partridge - Punch
The term Lèse-majesté is french and refers to violating the dignity of the ruler. It comes from the latin laesa majestus and was first known to have been used in France in 1536 but goes much farther back to ancient Rome.

In many countries in the current world, the most famous being Thailand, any mockery of the monarch carries harsh penalties and or a lengthy prison term. Other countries that have similar laws are Denmark, Norway, Holland, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

This cartoon shows the British King George III on the flatulent receiving end back in 1798. Not sure if the cartoonist or Mr. Bull is the guilty party here. Is that acne on the guy's face crying treason or is he perhaps a royal brown-noser?

Texas Republican Congressman Randy Weber wants CNN reporter Jim Acosta fired for having the temerity to ask the President Elect a question at a news conference.

Remember CNN is now the "fake" news network. Not sure where MSNBC is on the presidential spectrum.

We have certainly reached our political nadir when the leader of our country decides which news organizations he will take or not take questions from.

I guess it will be an all Fox news term and that will be fine for many Americans. Rah rah, all the time.

In other news today Trump wants Americans to buy from L.L. Bean because the founder's granddaughter supports him. Ever hear of an elected official telling the public which company or product you should or should not purchase goods from before?

Brave new world.


Anonymous said...

1798 cartoon...probably smallpox !

The closer it gets to "T" day, the more I feel like bailing. Where is the question. The farce becomes more absurd by the day. Calling T a clown is a pie in the face to clowns everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Obama told us we all had to buy insurance, and that you can keep your existing plan if you like it. B.S.

Emergefit said...

In my most simple terms;

Fuck that fucker with all the fuck you can possible fuck him with.

If it's possible to fuck with more fuck than that, then that's how much fuck you can fuck him with.

The end...

Blue Heron said...

well put.

Anonymous said...

You guys are gonna have to deal with this for the next eight fucking years.