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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A couple from Tony Z.

setting- early 50's- 52nd street jazz scene smoky basement jazz club; BeBop is the rage;  this is its epicenter......

Miles Davis is leading a hot quintet, glass clinking in the background...  the tenor man takes his turn - peels the paint off the walls on the night's third variation on the chords of I've Got Rhythm. Now Miles steps up to the Mic-  His shoulders slouched and the trumpet resting on his lips but pointed down, he turns slightly away from the audience, fingers blazing but he blows not a sound.

The bassman digs this solo to no end;  the drummer keeps playing but is clearly flummoxed -  after a few bars of the silent solo, he turns to the bassist and says "er , eh,   that cat ain't made a sound"  Bassist, while keeping a perfect blistering pace,  bops his head and says, "Yea......but it's what he's thinkin!"


A corn fed freshman is lost on the quad at Harvard - He turns to a passerby who has the air of authority and seniority........"Excuse me, where is the library at?"   The passerby snifffs,"We here at Harvard would never ask a question that ends in a preposition!"  

Cornfed thinks for a second and responds, "Ok, where is the library at, asshole?"