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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Del Martian Chronicles

Not to kvetch. The bright side is that I am helping the cash strapped county work its way out of a severe economic morass. The teensie weensie downside is that my benevolence is the result of getting stopped by a cop in front of Milton's Delicatessen for talking on my cell phone. While driving. To Cam. Who by all  rights should bear half of my financial hardship. For it does take two to tango, as they say.

Thank god my wife and protector, the lovely Leslie Jane, just had my lapsed car insurance reinstated. I would have really been sodomized. Hartford's computer accidently spit us out of the system, they said, and then wanted an exorbitant price to put it back on line. Timing is everything.

Speaking of sodomy, a fellow just walked by my booth who sniffed during the last show that none of my paintings were up to the standards of his collection. I think my feelings towards this particular individual either got back to him or resonated through the ether, anyways, he made it a point to diffidently avoid me like the funky green jello in the buffet line.

This on top of being one of those shows that I have recounted too many times in recent memory, where the money merely flows out in the opposite direction. I don't know how long I can keep doing this show if this keeps up. Very expensive advertising with little or no reward.

I am set up next to the lunch court so I leave this affair smelling like the tri tip that is grilling all day. Gonna wash that beef right out of my hair...

Dave Heller came by and showed me a picture he recently took of his new grandchild, Duncan Oliver Smit. Congratulations, Dave.

There is a cat show next door today. I am going to walk over there and check it out if I get a chance. Hope to get pictures of the people if nothing else. Wonderful article in the Union Tribune today about a county resident's prize winning Turkish Angora and the chicanery that goes on in the business.  People salting the competition with lesser feline examples so that they can score more points. Stalking judges around the country. Best of Show squared. Why is it that the prize winning cats always look so freaky? Give me your standard alley cat any day.

Stayed with friends near bye last night and had a very nice evening. We all had our laptops out and were in serious power user mode. Got to read the real New York Times, and not its noncorporeal counterpart. Thanks Lynne, Richard, Stanley and Tracy!

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