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Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta travel on.

It's been an off week and an odd week. We take off for Hawaii Sunday, a providential choice it appears since the alternative London is undergoing its coldest snap in over three decades. Business at home would have to heat up a ways before we could even call it moribund, and the shops are disappearing on our street like phantoms in the night.

But I had a good December and I am determined to stay in a good space and enjoy myself, hopefully tooling around a lot underwater and chasing the pretty fishies around.  Along with a generous helping of Lavafloes. That is why the good lord invented credit cards. There will be time enough to fret when I return. I sent an expensive 20's watercolor out on approval last week , and picked up a pretty expensive shipping cost in doing so, and the man called today and said that he was real sorry but he couldn't buy watercolors that were painted on"bumpy" paper. I swallowed and muffled my scream and tried to wiggle the deal back to my life but by god, he was emphatic. Drat.

I am loading up a couple of songs for your enjoyment. Janis and Wayne is pretty funny. Dave knows musicians in his band and I guess he is a pretty good guitar player and musician. I also heard the same thing about Donnie Osmond, believe it or not, and that he is a good guy to work for.

It was nice to get so many comments and letters on the religion post. Must have struck a chord with you because some of you never write. The first hit I got on the blog was from Langley and I thought oh shit, now you've done it...

The three gents in the picture are from the Fallbrook Historical Society and just installed the marble plaque commemorating my building as historic. Built in 1887 and moved to its current location in 1915, it was the town Mercantile for many years.

Did you see where our peace loving muslim friends in Malaysia burnt down three churches yesterday to protest  a judges ruling that let non muslims utter the word Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah. These people are plain disgusting.

The wackjobs on the ninth circuit court have ruled that the State of Washington must allow convicted felons to vote to cure past racial discrimination in the justice system. This is ludicrous. If it's too far left for the Blue Heron Blast, it's really far left.

I am started to get ugly computer generated spam comments on old posts of my blog. Very strange how they have penetrated blogger. And as for the blog, I am liking my recent production, and especially the short fiction. Can I say that with any genuine humility? It is getting easier to create, I typically get an idea upon waking, in the wee hours of the morning and then I massage it for a day or so and finally sit down and write. Things seem to be flowing. And everyone seems to enjoy it, except for Kerry, who told me to get a copy of On the Road or Fear and Loathing and to study up. Unfortunately Beat or Gonzo has been done, is relatively easy for me, and I want to speak in my own voice. Kerry thinks I should be making money doing this.



grumpy said...

i think you should emulate Henry James' style... Wayne's duet with Janis-there outta be a law... loved Elvis' take on "Tomorrow".. i suppose a fella's gotta draw the line somewhere, but "bumpy" paper?? oi!...have fun.

Blue Heron said...
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Blue Heron said...

How bout LeBron James?


Anonymous said...

Miles would never have played a silent solo; but what he didn't play was as meaningful as what he did, so yeah, it's what he was thinkin'.