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Monday, January 4, 2010

Victor Moscoso Font

I love letters and fonts. I used to be a sign painter and have always been fascinated with type.

Victor Moscoso was/is one of my favorite psychedelic artists. I was lucky enough to meet him several times through my association with Rick Griffin and always thought he was the coolest.

 Kind of reminded me of Lautrec and Villon and the french school from the turn of that century. His line was always perfectly weighted. I think he was the most classically gifted of the Zap/Poster artists.

I have an early Moscoso drawing
in my office that I got from him about 30 years ago and that I treasure and will never part with. Victor was a master of the color shift as is glowingly exhibited in his poster work.

I found this font on line and don't know if he had any part in its creation or if it was created as an homage to him. It was authored by K-Type this year. It is very well done. Based on his lettering for the 1967 Moby Grape poster, Neptune's notion. The u,v and y have a definite sephardic lilt. The i and l are like gorgeous bird forms. Bravo. How long has the typeface been around and where have I been?


Anonymous said...

can you post pic of moscoso drawing ?


Sanoguy said...

Is it the drawing you like or the nude??? Be honest, Robert!!

I can't believe that your site is now going to be rated "R"!!!

Blue Heron said...

One shot of a boob and the guy goes into a palsy...

Anonymous said...

the right font, even in books, can make all the difference.

Anonymous said...

8:05 great song. Saw Moby Grape at the Fillmore with It's a Beautiful Day, great concert.