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Monday, January 25, 2010

The sky is falling.

It has been an interesting weekend. A bit apocalyptic, if I believed that sort of thing. Trying to do a show in a torrential downpour is always fun. I broke a large piece of glass on a framed chinese embroidery driving over to Del Mar. Unloaded in a driving rain and a half a foot of water. Left that night and there were boats on the road two miles inland and three foot of water, which I drove through on the way home. The mud on my road was near impassable.

The show itself was about as good to be expected in a soggy recession so I won't snivel. Did a little better than break even.

I went by the shop yesterday morning and saw that the rain had caused a large section of plaster to fall off my back porch ceiling, exposing some dry rot. Need to cleanup and replace some of the structural elements and install a bunch of new roofing. As well as replaster. I will start cleaning it up after I write, trying to put it off as long as possible.

On the way home I broke the glass on the companion piece of the embroidery that I broke on the way in, with a piece of cardboard no less. Perfect symmetry to my disastrous sandwich. Coupled with the traffic
ticket, I really feel like I am making progress, if not paying off scads of past due bad karma.

Did make it to the cat show, which was purrfectly fantastic. Siamese Cats, Tonkinese, Burmese and Curls, Abyssinians, Rex's, both boys and girls. Exotics, domestics, Maine Coon's and Mau's, both Persians and Egyptians with cute little paws. Angoras and Sphinx's, Ragdolls and Manx, Norwegian Forest's for which I gave utmost thanks. Javanese, Havana, some skinny, some flabby and a contingent of Russian cats, blue, white and tabby.

There were cat houses and agility courses and sparklers and food. And cat fanciers everywhere grooming their brood. Judges and ribbons and snobby purebreds, and an old fashioned alley cat asleep in his bed.

Everyone looked happy and there was really no smell. I wasn't planning on going but I said, what the hell. If you, like I, had never been to a cat show, definitely check one out if you get the chance. Lots of rescue cats there as well. The people were as neat as their critters. Really fun!

I bought a snow leopard finger puppet from a girl that was there raising money to protect the cats in Mongolia and Khazakistan.

Lat take a cat and fostre hym wel with milk
And tendre flessch and make his couche of silk,
And lat hym seen a mouse go by the wal,
Anon he weyvith milk and flessch and al,
And every deyntee that is in that hous,
Suich appetit he hath to ete a mous.


Brigitte Schlemmer said...

Way cool photos. Sorry about the broken art, roof and other mishaps. Whe you make it big hire me as your executive assistant so you can focus on the big ideas and I'll take care of the mundane, day to day stuff. Just don't make me drink the KoolAid.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you in the hat.