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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bay State Beaning

Full disclosure. I have always detested both the Red Sox and the Yankees. Ditto the Patriots and the Celtics, long time Laker nemesis. And I must admit that I did not really have my finger on the pulse of the recent Massachusetts senatorial election. So I am doing some forensic pathological investigation in the rubble and it's really a bit troubling.

Could it be that the whole state of health care reform in this country hinged on an offhand comment candidate Martha Coakley made about ex pitcher Curt Schilling that inflamed the mighty Red Sox nation? That she made a monstrous gaffe in not only suggesting that Schilling, a notorious right winger, was a closet yankee fan, but also somehow dissed hallowed Fenway Park?

So now the health care bill is dead in the water and we have a bloody sock to thank for the post mortem. I asked a Massachusetts native about the whole deal and they said that she ran an idiotic campaign and that they never elected women in the state anyway. That the Commonwealth has always been a sucker for a pretty face, or in this case, torso. A tradition that goes back to JFK. And now this Hyannis hissy fit.

Democracy can be a pretty capricious game, and momentous decisions can flutter on an eyelash. We elected a President supposedly because we wanted change but we really didn't want change and Mitch McConnell says that we must respect the wishes of the citizens of the Bay State, even though there are 49 other states in the mix. I've frankly had it. We deserve what we get. If the supposedly liberal and enlightened residents of Massachusetts love for their Red Sox trumps the 40+ million Americans with no access to health care, we are in a fine heap of dung.

So I can only show my own anger by continuing to root against any of the big market teams that try to buy a pennant and hope that the Red Sox nation has a big dig to hell. And doesn't ever need any health care. Except for my friend Richard Carpenter, of course. Maybe we can swing him to the Padres.

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Anonymous said...

Who Knew Dept:

That there were enough morons outside of Cambridge and Boston to send a conservative to the Senate (Cambridge voted upwards of 80% for Ms. Coakley).

Say it ain't so, Ted!

'Ted K's body lies a moulderin' in the grave' (sung with much seriousness).

Ciao Babe,

Curt Schilling