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Friday, September 21, 2012

Freitag frolic

It is hard to take a nuanced position in today's highly charged political climate. Everybody is very invested in pitching the sanctity of their position and the evils of "the other guy."

Ken thinks I am a flip flopper. He asked me if I was in the democrat or republican chair this morning.  The other day he said I was a liberal except in matters concerning Israel. I don't happen to think that is an accurate assessment but that's cool.

Although I don't think that is entirely fair. I prefer to think of myself as an honest referee. For instance I was happy to hear about the release of the Horowitz report yesterday on Operation Fast and Furious. I happen to share a lot of the anger of the right on this brutally concocted and ill conceived program. For once, I basically agree with Issa, a guy I never agree with.

"There needs to be supervision, there needs to be oversight and law enforcement operations like Operation Fast and Furious need to be referred from the start to the "highest levels" of the department," Horowitz testified in the 471 page report.

Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell was looking at the report as a vindication of Holder, Obama and the higher ups. No one had any evil motives. Looks like total system breakdown to me and the bigshots go unscathed. I prefer to think of it as a monumental catastrophe. Maybe they didn't know but they should have known. It happened on their watch, with their subordinates and a valuable American man was killed by one of the weapons released into the system because of this awful operation. No victories here for anybody.

This was such a bad deal. Three of the five lawyers who reviewed the wiretap applications testified to Horowitz to never personally reading the affidavits. No one can be proud of their performance when evidence of such blind incompetence come to light.


Here's one for you from TPM.

Interesting article at New Republic about current polling. With all of the other polls showing Obama with an increasing lead, Gallup and Rasmussen continue to go the other way. Complicated but it turns out Gallup does not include the "no home phone" demographic, which tends to skew minority.

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