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Monday, September 3, 2012

Noble Wolf

Bowing to pressure from hunting and ranching interests, the Obama administration has agreed to delist wolves from federal protection in Wyoming. This means that your average Wyoming hunting yahoo with an orange vest is now authorized to kill the approximately two hundred and seventy wild wolves left in the state on sight. At any time. Probably will have to buy a tag.

And they will. While documented wolf/livestock kills in the state last year were less than two dozen, and there are avenues for ranchers to be compensated for losses in place, it is just too much trouble. There are no places left for apex predators in this dominion. Interferes with the hunting and the ranching. Shame.

Cause there's just ain't nothing like wiping out a mean old creature like a wolf. Makes us little guys with the shiny, powerful rifles feel real big. Nothing like a kill.

The eighty that live in Yellowstone are fine, so long that is as they don't cross the border. Then Blam!

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