Monday, September 10, 2012


If there is any lesson that can be gleaned from the current political season, besides the obvious one, that the system is at a stalemate and not working, it is this; if you come up with a catchy political slogan you better not waste any time merchandising it if you want to make bank.

I got the call about ten days ago from Warren. Hey I got this great idea, Lyin' Ryan t-shirts, Brett is working on the art, you up for one? Fifteen bucks.

Having a broad sense of civic pride and wanting to support the local artists and ideologues I said sure, why not? Happy to troll for a few customers for him on the blog as well.

A couple hours later I get a call from KJ in Arizona. Hey Rob, listen to this one: I got a great idea - Lyin Ryan and Mitt's a twitt. What do you think of this novel t-shirt idea?

Brilliant, KJ. You might want to get it right into production...

At this point in time, my best guesstimate is that there are roughly two thousand different Lyin Ryan t-shirt and bumper sticker designs percolating on some graphic artist or another's back burner.

The country is soon going to be so inundated with them that it will be not too long after the next election that they will be finished circulating through the nation's clothes supply and on the shelves of the neighborhood Goodwill. Over.

People won't even remember who the guy was in a few months but the modern language will have a new Pinnochio synonym.

I was talking to Dane from Arizona yesterday and he said that he had an idea driving, which he offered to a buddy. Mitt Zombie. Get it? I said that I did.

He had the brilliant idea, his pal made the t-shirts. Guess what, there are five different versions out now, from five different artists. Got to get up awful early in the morning in this new century and brave new world of political commentary.

So listen folks. Lyin' Ryan is just brilliant. Hysterical. You slay me. I really mean it. But it is so last week. You got anything new and fresh?


Anonymous said...

That's Ryan is Lying
Romney is full of Mitt


Splash! said...

Paul Ryan
Wrong Paul

Splash! said...

Road to Ruin