Family time

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We have a new addition to our clan. This is Kermit, or kerm for short, or kermite the termite.

Kermit is a little fellow, my first purse sized canine, about seven, he was given to us by a friend whose kids couldn't keep him around any longer on account of him looking sideways at the new baby.

We believe that he is either a slightly overstuffed chihuahua or a chihuahua mini pinscher cross. He was originally a pound rescue and went through a couple different hands.

I thought that I was going to be getting some great rat hunter that would reclaim our yard from rodents and pests but think we were sold a bill of goods. He has decided that he is much more comfortable on the couch, thank you and content to view the great outdoors through the living room window.

He doesn't have any real talents to speak of, or if he has they are still waiting to be discovered unless you consider the artful habit of finding and walking in your blind spot a talent, which I suppose it is. Dogs this diminutive don't survive without having some extra smarts in their genetic package.

Cat isn't the least bit afraid of him. No problems reported as yet with the exception of his incessant need for constant belly scratching.


Anonymous said...

Kermite looks like Kerbite. Chihuahua Pincher! Looking sideways at a baby??? Is that another way of saying baby-biter? Wait until it takes over your sofa and sends you to the mini clinic for stitches to your index finger, or have one of your good neighbors hand you a paperwork for small claims court.
Chihuahua's are the meanest dog, pound for pound, on Earth! Lucky they only weigh a couple of pounds!!! What were you thinking? Sounds like your friends nailed you with a lot of problems.

Unknown said...

Help me be the person my dog thinks I am.

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog.. You know, dad never knew a small dog that he wouldnt run over, but Ive got mine and its the best. Youll enjoy him more than you could know Happy small dog day

P.s. Moms in the hospital again