Peregrine flight

Friday, September 28, 2012


Blast reader, surf impresario, California historian, long time lifeguard and all around great guy Allan S. invited me out for a jaunt on part of his expansive turf earlier this week. Allan took me to his favorite beach on Camp Pendleton and I walked to the mouth of the river that sits at my front door, the Santa Margarita.

It was cool to be there, a beautiful, near deserted beach. There is a large least tern restoration project near bye.

Afterwards we went to La Especial Norte for chicken soup and then down to the Padres game, a game where they beat the stinking Dodgers. The Navy had a mass reenlistment before the game. I took this picture with my new Lytro light field camera, a recent gift to me, which I am still figuring out.

All in all a great time. Thanks, Allan!

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f the dodgers