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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Unleashed

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"My job is not to worry about those people." Mitt Romney

This whole Mitt video fiasco is just unbelievable. To have the opportunity to hear and see a politician actually honestly tell the truth as he sees it, it just doesn't happen very often ladies and gentlemen. Of course, his whole premise is largely full of shit.

I am a lifelong democrat who has never taken a penny of government assistance and pays my income taxes, close to one million dollars in a single calendar year in 1989 when things were really rolling. I don't expect any free ride dependent relationship with the government nor as far as I know, do any of my friends that vote with the democratic party. Don't know anybody who feels like a victim either.

You'd be surprised at the people that don't pay any taxes. They come from all income brackets, persuasions and political parties. Mostly they have really sneaky tax attorneys.

Mitt is doubling down today and I think that it will be a net loser but I say hear hear. He's finally telling us what he really believes down deep is the unvarnished truth and I for one, think he should keep talking. Some conservative pundits are aghast, blaming the handlers for not keeping their stake horse bound and gagged or at least parroting the standard party line. And the message has not resonated all that well, even Fox News today is showing polls with Obama with commanding and increasing leads in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, the crucial swing states. But it will probably not affect him with the average republican voter, who probably largely agrees with him.

Kind of reminds me of Dudley Moore in Crazy People, the 1990 film where he plays an advertising director who has a nervous breakdown and has an epiphany in the looney ward. He will tell the truth in his ad campaigns.

Comes up with the classic ad above. And a few others that are hilarious as well. Metamucil: We help you go to the toilet so you won’t get cancer and die. Or, You may think phone service stinks since deregulation, but don't mess with us, because we're all you've got. In fact, if we fold, you'll have no damn phones. AT&T - we're tired of taking your crap!

Mitt is finally able to speak from his heart. He thinks that roughly half the population are parasites looking for a handout and that he doesn't have a chance in hell with them. Maybe that is the real line dividing us. Liberals tend to think that people are generally good and do their best to be productive and decent citizens and conservatives think that a huge segment of the population is merely trying to "get over." Maybe it has to do with where you grew up?

Stalwarts on the extreme right are rushing to their new champion. Limbaugh, Jennifer Rubin (see Mitt finds his game plan) and that breed think he is finally on message. His political allies are fleeing for the hills. They may secretly agree with him but no chance in hell that they are going to open their mouths. This truthiness may not be so good for business.

"I think the basic point is correct. It's what this election is about. Do we want a government - centered society? Do we want to continue to build government and grow our debt at an unsustainable level and bankrupt this nation? Or do we want to start working toward a path of opportunity, success, things that actually make this country great," said Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin.

Limbaugh thinks this could be a teachable moment, a pivotal win for conservatism:

"...This could be the opportunity for Romney and for that campaign to finally take the gloves off and take the fear off and just start explaining conservatism. Start explaining liberty to people and what it means, and explain that they don't have to be in that 47%.  There's no reason for them, for everybody, to essentially have given up on their future in this country.  There's no reason for it.  This is, to me, such an opportunity to espouse conservatism and to explain to people. Now that people are focused on this, now that people are paying attention to it, this is a golden opportunity, and we know Romney's got it in him because of what he said to these people...We want to stop Obama.  We have got to get Obama and the Democrats out of power if this country's future is to have any semblance of its past."Rush Limbaugh - A golden opportunity for Mitt Romney

Keep pounding your war drums, GOP. Time to go all in. You're on to something.

Here's to the one republican who bothered to tell the truth, at least as he saw it. Thanks, Mitt.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie "Crazy People" and came across this site searching for the AT&T ad. So hilarious! Then I read your blog...how right you were.

Blue Heron said...

thanks for checking in man.