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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mideast Shmeer

I have a half hour to write and get a little political. The whole Iraqi fiasco is looking more and more like a travesty. Reports that Iraq, now dominated by Shia, is allowing Iran to arm Syria through its airspace.

Bush got into a several hundred year old religious war, took down the only secular government in the area, where women happened to have the most rights of any women and the region and people were most free from theology and managed to deliver it to the opposition, who can now act as a proxy for their neighbor and become a hardcore islamic fundamentalist nation.

Kissinger had it right regarding the horrible Iran and Iraq War, as long as the forces were balanced there was a real politic that at least they would be merely killing each other and not wreaking havoc on the rest of the world. What have we gained in the region again, in either Iraq or Afghanistan? A handful of possible outcomes, none good.


Of course, many on the left view Israel and their ally the United States as the true axis of evil. Read Chomsky yesterday at AlterNet Why Israel and the United States are the greatest threats to peace. All of the Iranian adventurism, all the bombings and machinations in Syria and Lebanon get a free pass in Chomskyworld. And the commenters, both jewish and non jewish, seem to back him up.


Karzai's new choice for intelligence chief long implicated in the drug and torture trade.


Today the Dems put god and jerusalem back in their platform. Got ugly, people were booing, nay's overruled. Stupid if you ask me, on both fronts. Any they definitely look like they are capitulating to pressure.


Haim Saban, an Israeli, writes a big endorsement of Obama in today's New York Times, echoing many of the things I wrote recently, an interesting article.

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Anonymous said...

The mideast, including Israel, is the biggest finger pointing lying intractable bunch of people in the world at present. Israel has a good case for its existence and the civilization they have constructed but the boil on its face is the occupation. That undermines the claims to moral superiority quite powerfully. The rest of the mideast has a huge boil on its face with the endless idiotic aggression toward Israel. It is a gordion knot that both sides keep tightening. Kissinger's realpolitick solution to Iraq/Iran could also be applied to Israel and its adversaries but it would sure cause a lot of howling over here. Still if movement is never made, the inevitable outcome will be one really nasty regional war after another. Ten Nobel prizes ought to await anyone who can solve this.