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Sunday, September 9, 2012

dueling govs

California Governor Jerry Brown has thrown the match race gauntlet down with his bellicose counterpart in New Jersey, Republican Governor Chris Christie. Although I think that Jerry has been a pretty good governor and we do belong to the same political party, I for one, wish he would just STFU.

Christie started the whole thing, calling Brown an old retread at the Republican National Convention. Brown responded. “I’m old. I’m 74. I’ll be 74 and a half next month. OK, Christie, I challenge you to a three-mile race. Try some chin-ups maybe, and some push-ups. “I said, this old retread can beat you any day of the week,” Brown said.

He is behaving like one of those old codgers at the gym who wants everybody to feel their hard stringy bicep or maybe challenge you to a chin up contest. You just can't win no matter what happens. Big woop. You beat the old guy.

As a guy who could stand to lose a few pounds myself I wonder at the Governor's motivation here? Hey, who's the fattest guys in the Governor's association? Let me humiliate him and make him feel even worse about himself, losing to an old guy. He knows he's overweight, why be an asshole Jerry?

I would have more respect for Jerry if he challenged him to something Christie is really good at, maybe the potato sack race or the pie eating contest. Chugging milk of magnesia. Way to salvage your sagging virility at the expense of the fat guy, Moonbeam. But I guess Christie did start it.

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