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Monday, September 24, 2012

Smell the Glove

Got a note from KerryB about my recent column where I may have denigrated the polka genre. I have actually posted polka on the blog before, don't make me go find it, please. Frankie somebody from Chicago. Not enough beer in the keg for me to make a steady diet of it, sorry.

Polkahauntsus ( little known American Indian Princess )

Hey Robert,

Sometimes, when I was 12 living in Marquette Michigan, the only thing on TV sorta worth watching was Polka Party, a cheesy b&w, lo-fi, low budget, polked-up version of American Bandstand. Oh man, I hated that music !! 

But not all polkas are bad…

Beer Barrel Polka on a  Pipe Organ

Oompa Brass - Stairway To Heaven

Oompa Brass - Bohemian Rhapsody

Looked for a good Polkacide video on YouTube but didn't find anything that great. Fun band to see live though, or at least the original lineup was, w/ Jeff on guitar and Big Lou on accordion.

Scary stuff about Monsanto's g.m. corn and RoundUp. Lately they've found arsenic in rice. It's a wonder we're not all sporting giant tumors.

Thanks, Kerry.

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