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Monday, September 17, 2012

Twisting in the wind

Can we vote none of the above?

I just listened to Mitt's news conference, nervously fending off questions regarding his "inelegant"comments that the 47% of the population that are dependent on the welfare state will always be voting for the democrat. Sounds like the opening salvo in the class war to me. A  bit intemperate, perhaps a final nail in the coffin. I almost felt sorry listening to him stammer and twist like a piece of bacon on the grill. Press sensed blood and they were on him like hungry mosquito's. Has not been a good week for the Republican presidential candidate. Another video has now surfaced where Mitt is seen talking about a concentration camp styled Bain factory in China with glowing approval.

The Obama Administration has been disrobed as well. After several days in which their recount of the sacking of the Libyan Embassy turned out to 180 degrees counter to the host country's version of events, that the killings were merely the result of a spontaneous combustion of film critics, comes a heap of evidence that it ain't necessarily so. In fact there was no riot, there had been a small demonstration in the morning. More like a targeted assassination. But that runs counter to the Sally Field narrative, they love us, they really love us. If the Libyans are smart, they will toe the administration line, whatever you say, just keep the checks rolling in...

Today word from Libya that our government had explicit word of an impending attack three days prior to the killing. This to me is Obamian equivalent of Condoleeza Rice getting the august memo that terrorists were planning on flying into the World Trade Center and then doing nothing. Completely feckless and irresponsible. Ambassador Susan Rice looked like a prozac addled robot as she mouthed her weak denials and parroted the standard Obama administration party line.

The muslim intelligentsia, the Zakarias and Adjamis of the world have been hard at work trying to come up with intellectual justification for the massive unrest. Poor misunderstood muslims with a caliph sized inferiority complex. How would you like to be part of a civilization that hasn't done anything much to speak of except ululate for the last eight hundred or so years? Wearing out their welcome in Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, now where else have I forgotten...

Was it so hard to figure out that the only organized opposition and alternative after the fall of the dictatorships was the fundamentalist theocracy? And the only thing those people hated more than their own monarchs was the west. By all means, Obama, let the blind sheik out of jail. He wasn't too successful in blowing up New York, can't you give a guy a break?

Of course now the situation is so bad in Afghanistan that we won't even do any more ride alongs with the Afghan military or police, so riddled with taliban plants eager to murder their american compatriots. It has been a grand experiment, but it has failed. Admit it and get the hell out of there. Now.

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