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Monday, November 21, 2016

Heading for the big finish

I finished my last show of the year last night in Del Mar. It has been a frenetic schedule the last several months. I'm tired, weary.

Show was okay. Two or three more trips scheduled before the New Year, Dallas and Toronto for family stuff.

Would like to go somewhere beautiful in the Rockies and shoot some shots in the snow as well, not quite sure where, before the hourglass turns.

Every year we here at the Blast celebrate the year with our end of the year shots. I hope that you will start sending me your favorite shots of the year, two per reader max.

I will publish them, or at least the ones I love, in late December. I also invite my Google + readers to send a picture to be published with credit.

It has been a banner year for me photographically, starting at day one in New Mexico. If I get time I am planning on going back through my files of every major trip and event and processing a new photo and sharing them with you.

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