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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Crawling through the wreckage

I didn't see it coming. Who did? Not everybody is miserable. Have met a lot of giddy people today, at coffee, at the pharmacy. Can't resist poking my sides, can't say I blame them.

Lot of happy people out there. People like David Duke for instance. The favorite candidate of white supremacists and anti semites everywhere has won the big race.

Trump bropal Putin is quite happy. Yes, we did, the ultranationalist Russian Boris Chernyshev trumpeted.
Sergei Markov, the unofficial Kremlin adviser, suggested Wednesday that Russia “may have helped” WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy group that published the emails, but he did not specify how he knew or what that meant.
Watch for the quid pro quo on the Ukraine. These little helpful acts of support don't come without a price. NATO, you may be fucked too. Nothing personal. Collateral damage, Don doesn't want to piss off Moscow and have you really been paying your way this whole time?

Hard to imagine the GOP getting this cozy with the Stalinists, not to mention Assange but I guess this is how strange marriages are made. They see no problem with the Russians monitoring our private communications and co opting our system.

Fossil fuel people should be ecstatic, time to double down on coal. Trump has promised to deepsix the campaign against global warming, unfetter industry from cumbersome "regulations" and dismember the EPA. Beautiful.

I can't get too shook up about the environment. Figure it's too late anyway. Wiped out so many species in the last fifty years might as well finish the job. Not much left to kill but have at it.

I'm not wailing, not tearing my garments. No children, I did my best. But the poorly educated deplorables have struck back, with a vengeance.

I just want the Republicans to own what comes next. You socially liberal fiscal conservatives who voted for Trump anyway, just because, wait for the pullback and repeal of gay rights legislation, it has already been signaled. Expect lots more laws to discriminate against gays, blacks, jews, etc. in the guise of protecting "religious liberty."

What was it that Trump said, we will appoint a pro life SCOTUS, repeal Roe v. Wade and throw women and their doctors who undergo abortions in jail? I can not wait. I know that you are down with that.

And I hate to say it, but I will blame you. For ever. Because you were willing to pay the price of calvinist evangelism because you hated Clinton so much. Whatever the cost.

I heard the Donald at a rally the other day saying that America was going to be under one god, I shudder to think what that means. Whose? Is that creator going to be completely down with the mass deportation campaign you've been crowing about all year? Going to purge the country of muslims, even legal born citizens?

And what was that thing Trump was signaling last week, going to change the libel laws and go after the nasty reporters, show them where it hurts. Who needs a free press? Not having one works in Venezuela, Iran, Burma, lots of places.

Course we have some unfinished business with Hillary first. You really going to put her in prison or do you want to start the year off looking magnanimous?

Republicans are so funny. They were pro trade just a minute ago, look how fast they become protectionists? How fast they cast off their beliefs when politically expedient...

Time for a big tax cut for the rich. Trickle down never gets old, not that it works. Just ask the folks in Kansas. Who will pick up the tab on this one?

Got some email and texts today, some from around the world, needfully anonymous:

Quote from BKK Post story on election result moments ago;

"All my Chinese friends say, 'We thought we would run the world in 20 years. Now it's going to be in January'."
At least you'll be able to smoke! ...And probably need to!

From a friend with an asian wife:

Can you believe our country? electing the pig of all pigs? my wife asked me this am if she and my daughter have to leave?

An invitation to England:

I've got a spare room if you need to get away for a bit.
Mind you we have a few narrow minds of our own.....

Kip, sent something mentioning that he felt terrible that I was right, having called the possibility of said result a year ago. Me too, Kip. Hate to think about Warren, he is probably out on a ledge somewhere.

Hey, you get what you deserve. The sixties are officially over. I haven't parsed the polls but I will go out on my own limb and say Hillary's message was lost on the millennials and too many crossed over to the dark side. Politics of love and inclusion are as popular today as Peter and Gordon. Wait until the coat hangers come back, see if they get a better idea of what was at stake?.

I hear many blacks sat out too, they didn't have a horse in the race and are still mad at Bill Clinton for his criminal justice policies. Latinos stepped up but for naught, now the tribe of rapists and felons is wondering how soon they will be in the crosshairs.

Thanks Gary Johnson. Thanks Jill Stein and all your supporters. Thanks Nick Gillespie and the whacked out libertarians at Reason. You made a big difference, you really did. Enjoy. Hope Trump and a newly invigorated DEA doesn't go after your weed.

James Comey, big shout, you put the final nail in the coffin.

Hillary of course bears some large measure of responsibility for her defeat. A policy wonk and classic bureaucrat with the charisma of a turnip. Against a showman like P.T. Barnum, you think she had a chance. And of course thank you Bill. If you had just kept your dick in your pants this would have been a  slam dunk. The elephant in the room. Maybe a big fat apology was in order in fact I know it was. Then maybe things would have turned out different.

But hey Hillary, you won the popular vote, if it is any consolation. You and Gore can certainly commiserate. The tyranny of the hicks, the individual Wyoming voter having how many times the power of a citizen of California or New York?

We can all dance the bible reel, Mike Pence can start exporting the Indiana model and the whole place will soon smell of fire and brimstone. But forget all that holy shit, you can see how much morality and manners really meant in their selection of a standard bearer.

I am hitting the Bushmills. Early. Like the idea of a California secession. Tired of carrying you muggles  on our backs with our Federal tax dollars.

My fellow Americans, you deserve just what you are about to get. Cheers. My republican friends out there, just remember; you own what comes next. It is on you.


Anonymous said...

Dint know that Zika was rampant that year of your birth, you micro-cephalic.

You'll be laughing all the way to the bank when American GDP crawls outa the Obama toilet. ONLY president in history to never achieve a 3% growth in ANY of his 8 years.
That's worse than Hoover! Worse than FDR in the Great Depression!

The experiment with neighborhood activism controlling the national economy is coming to
a merciful end. The casino boss skimming profits off the backs of the working man and throwing it down a rathole.

Reap the whirlwind, sucka.

Blue Heron said...

You are quick to forget who has to continually clean up your stupid recessions. Thank Obama that we had a recovery, you idiot.

Sanoguy said...

I agree with 10000% this time, BH! The GOP owns it now.

As an aside, I would like to be a little bird in the room when Prez T has his first meeting with the Generals, the ones he knows more than.

Looking at the Prez T I just wrote, made me think that we could just call him PT as in Barnum!

Anonymous said...

😢Growing up in a segregated Chicago, attending racially integrated schools living through the civil rights movement and the Chicago 7, the riots, then living in California through the riots- Duarte high 1971 front page LA times LA County Sheriff's brought in in full riot gear, more riots in LA; Then on to living in Southwestern Wyoming during the 80's oil boom where Mexicans and Blacks were regularly rushed through the Interstate 80 corridor (go east or west - but just go). Moved on to the completely bleached-out state of Utah and lived to see "the prophet" of the Mormon church have a vision that Black men too could become members of their misogynistic religious group; then back to So Cal For Rodney King and more Riots; on to New Mexico with its own weird disdain of Mexicans, I feel highly experienced in seeing Racism at its finest. I was scared when Trump announced, more scared when the RNC sat on their hands and terrified and convinced that America would vote in Trump when he got the nomination. Nate Silver and the pollsters should certainly be left holding a big sac of human waste as his smug predictions of 88% probability of Hillary's winning secured that the complacent populous of our gen xers and millennials to their computers instead of going out to vote.

Anonymous said...

this is excellent today...on such a sad sad day in America

Anonymous said...

Your starting to sound like Rachael Maddow and Chris Matthews all rolled into one. See you tomorrow! I think you need a hug.

Your Deplorable,


Kent said...

Hey Robert,
Breath deeply and enjoy your life. Believe half of what you write. The sun will rise and the Aztecs will continue to win. Worry about events you control and know that this man will not alter history. Do not fear change, but embrace and look for opportunities, as they will surely appear.
See you soon

Anonymous said...

He is trump.....DO NOT REFER HIM as President.

Blue Heron said...

Great, which half?

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and embarrassed to be an American

Blue Heron said...

With full memories we will play defense for a while.

Jon Harwood said...

It ain't pretty, but the Republicans own it all now--something they will come to regret. When Trump's bragging encounters the reality of checks and balances (even between Republicans) and when his bragging encounters the limits imposed by reality there may be some disillusionment. The magical thinkers that elected the guy who "gets things done" will have to figure out why these things aren't getting done. Of course, they may well just blame it on Mexicans, Queers, Blacks, Jews and Arabs and go full Fascist but I hope not.

NYSTAN said...

Don't be naive! The Republicans never own anything....Reagan's Trickle down tax cuts, raising the debt ceiling, union busting....and Bush....no-they'll blame Obama for every fuckup for the next 20 years. They were doing it already. This is a repeat of Baby Bush, a genuine idiot, who jeopardized world sanity and destroyed a great deal of it, with no price to pay. Whatever Trump does, no one will pay a price. Read the Glen Beck interview in the current RS if you want to see how it is done.....guilt free character assassination. You just need lots of uneducated morons and then pick out a religion to watch your back.

Blue Heron said...

Decency took a hit last night.

Anonymous said...

I am a Mexican, Queer, Black, Arabian, Fascist Jew on my father's side, and a test tube on my mother's, and I resemble that remark!

Martin Buber

Anonymous said...

It was worth an 'E' ticket to see Maddow and Matthews going at each other. A lot of testosterone flowin' between um.

Renee Richards

Blue Heron said...

You're freaking hysterical Mallard.