Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Too late

Harwood sent over a link from the New York Times editorial page regarding the nefarious Steve Bannon, Steve "Turn on the hate" Bannon, in the White House.

They said it was time to make the White House white again and they aren't wasting any time. Trump is filling out the cabinet selections and they are a beaut, a murderer's row of racists, climate deniers and lobbyists, sprinkled with a few garden variety lunatics.

Honest to god, John Bolton looks like the sane one in this crowd.

Loved how the woman mayor who called Michelle Obama an ape in heels says that she isn't a racist. Nobody is ever racist.

Interesting interview with Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority leader, yesterday House GOP Leader Unfazed By Trump’s White Nationalist Adviser.
Todd Zwilich of The Takeaway, from WNYC: Trump appointed Reince Priebus chief of staff yesterday. At the same time, he appointed what he described as a co-equal adviser, Steve Bannon, as his senior adviser and strategist. Steve Bannon, when he was in charge of Breitbart News, that organization ran headlines that include “Bill Kristol Is A Renegade Jew.” Gabby Giffords, your former colleague ― “The Gun Control Movement’s Human Shield.” They had a headline that said “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy.” And “The Solution To Online ‘Harassment’ Is Simple: Women Should Just Log Off.”
He had a radio show on Sirius XM where he regularly entertained guests like Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller, where they regularly trafficked in Islamophobic conspiracy theories, including one that said Huma Abedin was a Saudi agent. And his wife testified under oath in 2007 that Steve Bannon did not want his daughter going to a particular school because they were “too many Jews there.” How can this appointment possibly be appropriate for American people watching this White House, and how can it be appropriate for you?
Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Well, the president-elect always gets to pick his team going forward. Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus worked very closely together in this campaign. One thing, when you go through a campaign, especially the campaign we saw on both sides, it’s a difficult campaign, but you forge strong relationships. The president has a right to select who he thinks is best to be able to move through. I don’t know Steve. I did talk to Steve yesterday. I talked to the president-elect again yesterday, I talked to Reince... The president-elect has to be able to select his best team. There will be a lot of different appointments to go through. What do they say, how many slots does a president have to fill? Is it more than 4,000? There’s a lot of people to go through. So...
TZ: Hang on, I’m sorry. This is important. Jewish groups ―
KM: Are you saying that other people aren’t important?
The question was about the propriety of hiring a man with a known dislike for a certain religious group and the answer was, aren't other people important, too?

Call me old fashioned but this seems like the wrong answer from the Republican from Bakersfield. Guess a disavowal would have been too much to ask. So what happened to all for one and one for all and all that American stuff we learned? But it does give us a taste of what they've got in store for the country. Or perhaps McCarthy has his own issues?

The Republican Jewish Congress wants the yids to lay off the new administration. Jewish Republicans are like Gay Republicans, you have to wonder how you choose a party where a large number of members hate you and everything you stand for. Sort of remind me of the German jews before World War II that thought they had an in and would never be touched. Guess again.

Make about as much sense as Republican deadheads. I know one of them who spent several decades tripping on acid and then turned his own son in to the cops and sent him to jail for smoking a joint. Be careful of people like that.


Anonymous said...

Trump will be a great friend to Israel and Jews in America. I would take statements made in a divorce filing with a grain of salt.

Sanoguy said...

Hold on to your tits, we are going straight up...... or is it down!

Blue Heron said...

And you base your statements on what special knowledge, anonymous one? Irrespective of the divorce stuff, there seems to be a plethora of regurgitation.

Anonymous said...

Saruman...that's a very good analogy. I haven't seen a cast of characters like he has lined up since Eichman, Goering, Mengele...(I can't spell right...)

Anonymous said...

I am in lockstep with you, what can we do? 50% of the people I play golf with are Trumpets! I avoid any news re the SHARD sexist homophobic asshole racist demigod. Re watch the youtube video "I grab her pussy" how do I teach my daughter about our president? The idiots in our country believe that he will turn things around for them? We are a star struck society electing Ronald, Arnold (he grabbed the pussy also) and now Donnie. Well written Blast but it makes me sick, TY

Anonymous said...

His son in law Jared Kushner is Jewish,
daughter Ivanka converted and they're raising their children as orthodox jews. You need to find another post to piss on. Non issue.
Musical recommendation, the Eagles, Get Over It

Blue Heron said...

I could give a shit about his son in law. Their being orthodox has no bearing on anything. His campaign has been a magnet for white supremacists and he has used anti semitic propaganda very effectively like the ad with Hillary and the star of David. . Piss on your own post. If you don't want to sign your name, just fuck off and go bother somebody else.

Anonymous said...