Rapt attention

Monday, November 28, 2016


We are all trying to maintain as best as we can. I have tried Bushmills, all sorts of things to try to dull the pain, but we need to look ahead and get constructive. Try to make something work.

This is the best I've got right now; California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii split off and form our own more perfect union. We call it Pacificus.

If the people in Lancaster and Bakersfield aren't down with it, we simply buy them out and send them to Yuma with a one way ticket.

We have been supporting the red states with our tax dollars for years and have received nothing for it with the exception of too many Arizonans crowding our beaches every summer.

If California is the world's seventh largest economic engine, what would the four state collective republic create? I see pinot noir flowing like water, getting lost in my sister state's sugar cane. A happy, green, shining country with a strict border policy. Who knows, maybe we'll build a wall.

As a native born Pacificun, I think that I speak for my fellow citizens when I tell you that I am tired of paying for red state morons and ingrates. Snake handlers and hate mongers. Coal belching despoilers. Tired of not having an equal vote.

It will be a hard break up but we'll all get over it in time. Best for all concerned.

Later. Please don't visit.


Anonymous said...

Living in Western Arizona, ya gotta have a sense of Yuma.

Anonymous said...

Your on to something here Rob. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother...don't leave Us out ! One of the few non-coastal states to vote right.

S in N.M.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the northern part of the map would prefer to leave SoCal out. Southern Pacificus should be named Squirrelsquadia.