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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rougena Zatkova

While in Italy I bought a painting by an important and preeminent artist from the school of Italian Futurism, Rougena Zatkova.

Zatkova (1885-1923) was born in Bohemia, studied in Prague and Munich and settled in Rome in 1920 where she came under the tutelage of Giacomo Balla.

I bought an oil study for one of her most powerful pieces, Il Mostro della guerra, executed in 1918. I am excited about the prospect of learning more about both the artist and the movement.

Buying the painting in Parma was the easy part. I thought it would be a simple matter to send it home. The seller walked Leslie and I across the paved parking lot and we met the british shipper.

He asked if we wanted to crate it and I said to just put bubble around it and throw it in a cardboard box.

He said, and three of us heard plainly, that he could do it for ninety euro, through Fed Ex. I assented. And was quite startled when I received a bill for 800 euro. Pure extortion, with no justification.

As you can imagine it disintegrated into an awkward match of he said/she said. I contacted the people who run the Mercanteinfiera Fair and they were most gracious and understanding. They contacted the shipper.

He finally relented. Sent him a fraction. My friend Dave knows a bloke who lives in the next town in Dorset and he picked it up and sent to to me for fifty quid. Thank goodness. Haven't unwrapped it yet...

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