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Monday, November 28, 2016

Lend a hand

100% Human Hair, Los Angeles, CA
Girl with white shoes, Broadway

We had an excellent time in Dallas and one of the high points for me was going down to the Arlington Metroplex on Thanksgiving morning.

Living on the street, San Francisco
Andrew, Cassie and I waited in line at the massive church operation and picked up a couple turkeys and boxes of dinner fixings and delivered them to the less fortunate.

Hundreds if not thousands of people were involved in the effort.

It was an incredibly well run effort and the families that received the dinners from us were very grateful.

Always need to be conscious of the fact that it could easily be you and me down there. Poor is not an illness and sometimes people are fighting against a stacked deck. Lots of people barely surviving on the fringes. I am grateful for being able to give, of my time if nothing else, in this instance.

Thanks to those of you who do it every day.

Hard bed, Florence

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