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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blue Heron Brigade

If you are happy with the election of Donald Trump, good on you, mate. I myself rather loathe the man, as should be readily apparent to even the casual reader.

Think he is a danger to our country, our constitution, and our world, I wouldn't trust a word that came out of his pie hole.

Word today that he plans to run the family business from the Oval Office and admits to using his foundation as a piggy bank.

Like I was saying, you have a right to like him and I have the right to hate him and even protest his agenda.

And that's just what I think I will do. At least on one day, the inauguration,  January 20th. I am not sure where or how my protest will take place. Would love company. Either local or will travel if necessary. Anybody come up with anything that sounds good, let me know.

Nothing violent or fancy, just a little old fashioned first amendment protected dissent.

Silence is not an option. Get out and say your piece or forever hold your tongue.


Sanoguy said...

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up.

Ken Seals said...

We could go to Tijuana for margaritas.

Anonymous said...

Why not start small. Just have Fallbrook secede (there should be enough airheads to fill up your tiny little berg) and then you can annex as your cause gathers momentum. Publish a manifesto. Start a military academy dedicated to your theories on progressive domination. You already have a state plant, if you don't smoke it all up before the launch of Sommerstown. As long as Temecula doesn't object to your building more and more settlements you should be able to expand before the F.B.I. catches on. Don't forget the resettlement camps that will
probably fill up quite fast with citizens (comrades?) who think differently than the published diatribe has proscribed. But don't forget the history lesson of the final solution.

But you also need a distinct personality tic, or some kinda distinguishing garb or drink. Hawaiian shirts? Cigars and kool-aid have already been taken.

Jim Jones

Blue Heron said...

Hawaiian shirts works. Everybody has to have a paunch.