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Monday, November 28, 2016

Conservative values

I got one of those typical thanksgiving letters from a friend and retired business owner. Trips and goings on with the family. Standard fare until it got to the end part:
Planning an inauguration party.  Condolences to those who were “with her”.  We feel your pain, or did for the last 8 years. We are praying that our hopes for the amazing success of conservative values are realized.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!
I get it. They rub it in a little but they are giddy, they can't help it. Good for them. I probably would too. My problem is the next to last sentence, the conservative values part. Which values exactly are they speaking about?

The values of a President to be who is an admitted groper, a guy who took advantage of the tax and bankruptcy laws and left thousands of people crushed in his wake?  I don't want to repeat myself and I think his kind usually spontaneously combust on their own, so lets say we look at the prospective cabinet instead.

An Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who wants to pull money from the public education system in order to have the american public subsidize religious and charter schools. Her husband, a scion of the Amway empire, has been a strong proponent of teaching intelligent design and creationism right alongside  the widely accepted science concerning evolution. Considering a majority of the Republican party believes that the world is only six thousand years old, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Charter schools are a way rich white folks make sure that their children don't have to mix with poor, minority folk.

Or Jerry Falwall Jr..

An EPA head in one Myron Ebell, who is not only a denier of climate change but is not even a real scientist, who once said that people who die from the results of global warming were probably "going to die anyway."

An administration that has called the seven year drought we have experienced in the west a hoax.

A prospective Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who said the only problem with the KKK is that some of them smoke pot.

Peter Thiel, a man who has been on record saying it was a bad idea to give women the right to vote.

A senior strategist and Counselor, Steve Bannon, who has been on record wanting to restrict voting to property owners and is the publisher of an alt right magazine that regularly disparages blacks and jews and who has championed the views of white supremacists.

A potential Secretary of State, David Petraeus, a married general who spilled confidential and classified information to a mistress while in the middle east.

Rudy Giuliani, another serial cheater, who told the press he was getting a divorce before he even told his wife.

An advisor and supporter named Carl Higbie who wants to establish an internment camp for American muslims, including natural born citizens.

A president who was elected with a lot of help from the Russians, who paid people to come up with false information to spread on social media about his opponent. Who won't release his tax returns, who won't tell you who he owes money to, besides the massive amounts owed to Deutsche Bank. Who has already asked the Scots to do something about the wind machines that are affecting the views at his golf courses, who is reneging on promises to divest of his business because he can do both jobs perfectly and the laws don't apply to him. Who has advocated jailing women and the doctors who undergo abortions.

Conservatives are okay with all that...
My god, who's next?

(to be continued.)

anti miscegenation flyer recently handed out at three universities including SMU.