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Monday, November 21, 2016

Papers, please!

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I think that one of the watershed moments in the coming presidency will be when the large deportation push gets going. The number that the Donald first bandied around was eleven million but lately we hear three. Fine. Lets work with three.

People think that this is going to be tidy and hygienic, not a chance. It is going to get very ugly and fever pitched. Very quickly.

Hurry up with those new prisons boys, they will be busting at the seams. Wonder if the native inhabitants of our fair country ever had a deportation plan? If they did, it wasn't very effective.

People aren't going to believe who gets snared. See, it's not just Mexican rapists, it is going to be the nice Irish guy next door too. The Danish woman down the street.

 I know plenty of people who have been a bit "tardy" shall we say, checking in with the authorities. Of all pigments. Lot of your favorite chi chi restaurants are going to be looking for chefs and you may even have some difficulty securing a new downstairs maid. People are sweating right now. Your neighbors.

Of course last week the Obama administration threw a Korean guy out who came here at the age of three and has no connection to his birthplace, that is besides a sketchy mother.

Tough luck, Seoul Brother. Trump will trump that in spades. Don't listen to their screams, they don't belong here. I am sure that like the famed Milgram Experiment, people will become immune to the deportees pain fairly quickly.

I never quite understood why the folks in Arizona are always in such an immigration tizzy. I live in a community with plenty of illegals. They for the very most part keep their noses very clean and work their asses off. Drive too slowly but obey all the laws. Don't bother people. Native borns are more the problem...

Why is California so much more chill than our Eastern neighbor? Besides racism, let's not make it too easy.


Sanoguy said...

I think californian's are more comfortable with undocumented immigrants than many in the mid-west and east because we have always lived with Hispanics in CA, both documented and undocumented, and we realize that most of them are people who work hard to make their lives better. Some might say they are living the American dream.

Anonymous said...

funny as one who has traveled parts of the world I was always asked for papers ,visas, told I couldnt work, harassed by guards, traveled with guards with machine guns to make sure we wouldn't stop. America is better than that , we should check who is coming in ,no different than why do most people lock their door , they are not all racist. they just want to let certain people into their home but descrimnate who they want in It is not all apple pie and roses out there for sure.

Blue Heron said...

I'm talking about a mass deportation, what are you talking about?

Unknown said...

The "Danish women down the street"
No one is safe...
Take two a spring and call me in the morning,the doctor said.

Unknown said...

The "Danish women down the street"
No one is safe...
Take two asprins and call me in the morning,the doctor said.