Sunday, August 26, 2018

Apple a day

News today on the apple front. The Gala has just passed the Red Delicious as America's favorite apple. Granny Smith, Fuji and Honeycrisp round out the top five in the rankings.

I find the result sort of odd. I can't believe the tasteless Red Delicious has held on this long. Five decades. And I can't believe a blah apple like the Gala has passed it by. Americans once again show their lack of taste. The high Granny Smith showing is also strange, has to be all the bakers out there.

Please don't give me any static for not mentioning Black Oxfords or the Northern Spy.  Today's apples are simply better than the old heirlooms.

My personal ranking for eating apples would be Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, Fuji. The first two are such a toss up, the Pink slightly more tart, the Honeycrisp sweet. All excellent. But the latter fruit is so expensive, I don't want to pay close to three bucks a lb. for an apple.

As long as I never have to eat another bruised and acrid Mcintosh apple for the rest of my life I will be fine. We have screwed up many things on this poor planet of ours but we are growing better apples and peaches than we ever have before.


Anonymous said...

You are correct about Delicious and Gala-tasteless.
There are dozen's of tasteless imposter brands, some selling for a pretty penny.
Upstate NY Jonathon apples are the best, but only available for a very short period in the fall.

McIntosh apples are an inquired taste.

Blue Heron said...

When I was a kid in Texas we would put salt on the Jonathon apples. It was an excellent and very tart apple.