Puffed up Peregrine

Monday, August 27, 2018


Is there anything on earth as cool as a
yid with a swastika blanket?
Morty was complaining to me recently that he didn't get enough ink in the second installment of my recent recount detailing my wandering through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in Arizona and New Mexico. These show biz types are really pretty insufferable.

Friedman and I are magic together, I must say.
He is so funny, he could have been the next George Gobel if he had been given a shot, I swear.

We could have owned the Holiday Inn circuit in New Jersey with our delicious combination of wit, good looks and charm. If we had been willing to bus tables anyway.

He is of course the world's foremost authority on trade blankets, having written two books on the subject that no one has yet actually opened, they look really super on the coffee table, Chasing rainbows and the brilliantly titled sequel, Still chasing rainbows. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see the title of the upcoming third volume. I'm betting on Still chasing rainbows, still.

One morning I had this brainstorm; the passion for purchasing these early Pendleton type trade blankets is unabated but the buying demographic is aging. Getting older unfortunately means bladder control problems for many of us.

Why not pair underpad protection with western wear and kill two stones with one bird? "Brilliant," he says. And so an idea was born - Dependletons, undergarments for the western lover in your life who suffers from occasional incontinence.

I must give my comedic partner full credit for the confluent sobriquet.

I mocked up a few ads. Actually ran them up the old flagpole at Pendleton. Now we are just waiting for the checks to roll in.

Really not easy being this brilliant. Wish us luck.


Unknown said...

This is your best blog entry EVER. Shouldn't they all be about me? Was shocked by my picture - apparently I'm fat.

Anonymous said...

You slay me with your clever humor and creative ad campaigns.
And yes, I know “creative” is what the most talented artists refer to as the “c” word, with disdain dripping from their lips...
But those of us without that type of talent use it with pure reverence.
I almost wish I battled with incontinence so I could pre-order 😁.