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Thursday, August 23, 2018


Who we got running the country? A President or Tony Soprano?

Welcome to the first mob boss President, at least since Harding anyway.

I keep thinking back to that scene in the Untouchables where DeNiro whacks the guy with the baseball bat. Who happens to be playing Trump's hero, Al Capone. Trump has always palled around with the wise guys, from the Gambino and Genovese family associates like Fat Tony Salerno and Paul Castellano to his mentor, the beloved Roy Cohn and later on the Russian mob. Good breakdown here. Guy has been cleaning up dirty Russian cash for decades. No surprises.

Trump hates rats, thinks it should be illegal to cooperate with prosecutors. Women, presumably not the skanky molls he is sleeping with on the side, are dogs. Tax laws are meaningless, meant to be broken. Manafort is praised for not squealing and waiting dutifully for his eventual pardon, which everybody in the world knows is coming.

And his enablers in Congress sit on their thumbs and don't say a peep. The fix is in, the right people have been paid off. Gowdy had time for 1000 Benghazi fishing expeditions but can't spare a single look at the liar in chief. Kavanaugh was hand picked to give el jefe a pass.


The Trump show, now in its second Presidential season is devolving and unwinding before our eyes. This week was a doozy. Nothing would surprise us at this point, more plot twists than an episode of Better Call Saul.

But I did think of a couple storylines that would be pretty cool and maybe are not too far outside of the realms of possibility.

Trump gets his Moscow buddies to hit Cohen with a poison umbrella tip before he can sing anymore like a canary. Like those people who got whacked in England. Rosa Klebb. Putin can deny, deny, deny and finally publicly surmise that it was a false flag operation by rogue elements in the Justice Department deep state.

Or Melania gets wise to the philandering piece of human excrement and gives him a two a.m. Bobbitt job before fleeing on Airforce two with young Barron to an unnamed slavic republic. Mike Pence, the new godfather, walks right in on the scene, just in time to see the Donald bleeding to death but slowly backs right out off the door, refusing to resuscitate, a cold smile on his face, crossing himself reflexively before he casually resumes filing his nails.


What a great season. Will be interesting to see if it can run for another year.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Fredo, he was weak. Went fishing on lake Tahoe. Never saw it coming.