Girl with magnifier

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Icy bridge

Had the funny phone call from my friend, "Mr. Moneyshot." Knew it was coming, like clockwork or the swallows at Capistrano.

Why didn't you let the moon get farther from the rock on the tunnel view? (Because it got high in the sky and the sky got dark.)

Why so many trees in your foreground? (Because that is where they grow.)

A couple of your shots are good. (Gee, thank you. Send me a couple shots of your recent work, how about I critique you for a change?)

I can write it a thousand times and say it until I am blue in the face, I do it my way, you are free to do it yours. It gets lost on some people.


Jon Harwood said...

Photography seems to have a "monoculture" problem. Not at the highest levels but strongly everywhere else. That is, there is a tendency to continuously recreate a "pictoralism" updated for whatever the current fads are. With the advent of digital, everyone is a photographer, anyone is a critic and EVERYONE DOES THE SAME DAMN THING. Alas, one must assume the mantle of the misunderstood "genius" and dare to deviate from the norm. Your recent images are definitely showing originality and I think many of them would acquit themselves well in a serious art critique.
So take the criticism as a badge of distinction. Apply the principles they taught in art school and march on.

The Phantom Knows said...

Robert, some of your best work... keep clicking!

Kerr A. Lott said...

'The hunter casts his net high above the Merced River' is brilliant ! All your Yosemite photos are great but there's something special about that night time shot. Never mind the critics.