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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020

We spent a lovely New Year's Eve with great friends in Cardiff. Toasted our families, friendship and the upcoming decade.

We had dish upon dish of delicious appetizers. For dinner, Leslie cooked her lovely signature risotto with mushrooms and artichoke hearts, Lena made shrimp scampi, Barbara made a wonderful humuus. Lena prepared a beautiful salad. Libations flowed freely for those partaking. I was not among them.

We spent the night so as to stay off the road with all the crazies. So nice to be celebrating in the comfort of familiar and treasured company.

In the morning I was treated to a farm fresh egg over risotto patty and Ronnie's special cappuccinos. Yum! Afterwards we went to Grandview and chilled.

My sincere hope and prayer is that 2020 is the year that things come into perfect focus.


Jon Harwood said...

May your future be sharp like the finest Zeiss lens while your adversaries are plagued with Holgas.

island guy said...

My partner saw the picture of Leslie making the risotto and exclaimed, “I miss it”. That’s after enjoying it one time 5 years ago! The risotto, and Leslie, are real winners. Nothing like old friends, and Ron and Lena are wonderful hosts. Best wishes all around.

Liz said...

Happy New year. I am home from surgery.doing ok.

Blue Heron said...

Good, hope everything went well.