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Tuesday, January 7, 2020


I had one of those great dreams last night, the ones I only get every several years or so. Sort of trapped near a cliff, I thought to myself, well there is always that other option. And I jumped and started flying, soaring into the clouds. Such a feeling of release, of absolute command. Love my flying dreams.

Somehow I found myself near my friend Shawn, who lives in Thailand. I saw him through the glass of a large office building, waved to him but he couldn't see me. I don't think anyone else can see me when I am flying...

I was scheduled to leave for New Mexico Monday, shooting birds with Ken at Bosque del Apache. Unfortunately  Ken got sick so I changed my plans. I instead left for Yosemite this morning, after Leslie prepared me a nice breakfast and a good cup of coffee.  Day was nice, never pushed it, leisurely. The Tejon Pass was absolutely stunning with its lovely snow, the central valley socked in by cloud cover.

I got to my hotel in Oakhurst around 3:30, checked in and headed over to the park for a sunset shot or two from the Tunnel View. Might as well, I am here. Was beautiful but I soon realized that I left my cable release at home. Will have to use the delayed shutter this trip. Mirror up, front curtain enabled. Should be okay.

I need to get up at four in the morning in order to be at a decent spot for sunrise pics so I will keep this short. Had a Chinese dinner of pork chow fun and going to bed very soon.

I had a choice this trip, wait until the weekend snow, which will mean crowds or go midweek in good weather, which is not so photogenic. I opted for the latter but I think I will catch a break. It is supposed to snow Thursday now, so I may hang out an extra day and hopefully grab the shots I lust after, weather and providence permitting.

So beautiful up here, the first view of Half Dome and El Capitan still takes my breath away. No pictures until I get home. Wish me luck.


Sanoguy said...

Looks like snow is nigh! Drive carefully,

Penny said...

Wish you luck