Peregrine flight

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Dave from Japan is always sending very cool stuff. How do you like these apples?

Or a new riff on birds in flight?

Jonathan in Santa Fe sent some cool underwater pics.

A retrospective room at Redfern's gallery showing John Fillmore's incredible artwork. Of course, they never invited John to attend.

Richard Neumann in Thailand recommends The Alcoholic Republic.

A car lost its brakes and rammed into Mike Reardon's home one night last week.

Wicki sends a picture of Leslie, Jennifer and I catching the sunset at the Self Realization Fellowship. Had a nice dinner at Q'ero afterwards.

Hudgins sends over a video on the MAGA church.

Why I hated algebra.


Sanoguy said...

Scared the shit out of me!

Jerry Hall said...

You're looking great in the photo Blue.