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Friday, January 31, 2020

Besides that Mrs. Lincoln...

I've mostly been in bed all week with this terrible cold. Today really sucked. I should have stayed in bed. But I had to return the loaner car to the dealer in Temecula. I was a day late. I left about 8:30, after a little puking session and headed down the road.

Hawks were in the new nest but I didn't have time to stop. I got to the mailboxes and that is when the wheels came off the track. After thirty years of grabbing the newspaper from next to my mailbox every day as I turned on to the pavement, I misjudged this morning for some ungodly reason. I guess the loaner handled a bit differently.  Reflexes shot from being sick. The next thing I knew I heard a terrible scraping sound. I didn't? I smashed into the mailbox? Holy shit. Tell me I didn't...

Holy fuck, I didn't even want to know the full extent of what I had stupidly done. I drove to the auto parts store, thinking that maybe I could rub out a portion of my sins but when I got there and really assessed the damage I realized that I was way beyond redemption. I had wasted the drivers side front panel.


And the thing got nailed so hard that the door complained a bit when I tried to open it. I was clearly up shit's creek.

I called the dealer. They were very nice, very understanding, these things happen, but said it would be rather expensive. Leslie sent me a very loving and understanding text as well. Shit happens. I still felt like a total stooge. What an idiot.

I made a claim with my insurer, no the mailbox was not moving and surrendered the rather large deductible to the dealer. They weren't happy at AAA, said to look for a nice premium increase. Joy. Drove back into town, paid a couple huge bills, went outside and threw up again. Decided to cut my losses, drove home, hid under the blankets and hunkered down.

Definitely was not my day. Wake me when it's over.

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Ken Seals said...

We have all done something like that. Better days lay ahead.