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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Humble Pie

I know that I am in danger of adding whiplash to my host of other ailments, but how about those San Diego Padres? The sound you now hear is me jumping on and off the bandwagon. This gutty little team of bad news bears is 6-2 to start the season. Rodriguez to Eckstein to Gonzales doesn't quite roll off the tongue like Tinkers to Evers to Chance but it looks like they will not be as bad as I made them out to be.

They are overloaded with young pitching, carrying I think 13 pitchers, which leads to a very depleted bench of four position players. They still don't have a clean up hitter or a big sock guy. Maybe they will bring Blanks up from the minors at some point. But you have to hand it to Kevin Towers for once again assembling chicken salad out of...well, you know. See ya, Alderson, we don't miss your meddling. If they can finish ahead of the evil blue pinstripers to the north, the season will be a success. Stop all talk of trading Peavey. Once again, my favorite Padre, Hairston, has shown athleticism, a penchant for the late game knock and good defense. Hope they can keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

Pad-gits 6-2 is a nice start, but alot of things happen during a season. Last year the Diamondbacks got off to a fantastic start only to fade in the stretch. Pads will go as far as Young and Peavy and so-far Bell takes them (unless S.D. fans worst nightmare happens and Peavy is traded)
Sorry, it is way too early to think N.L. West title. L.A. has a solid team and Colorado and Arizona will be in the hunt by the AllStar break.