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Thursday, April 23, 2009

trouble man

I've posted and deleted a blog or two in the last couple days that were just too personal and self absorbed but since many of my friends and family do check this thing out for updates on my current travails and medical condition, will try to keep this thing up, short and to the point.

It has been a week of genuine hell, pain beyond memory. My parts have been irritated, inflamed and tortured like they went on a two week vacation to Abu Ghraib Prison.  No position has afforded me any comfort at all, except laying down and that only worked for a short time. My favorite extremity felt like it had a blind date with a pizza oven.  But enough detail.

The doctor said that today is the Alamo for me. He put me on a Flomax/Levaquin combination.  If it doesn't do the job and open me up I will have to have another hospitalized surgery on my prostate.  I was freaking out with fear and apprehension all night about removing the catheter this morning  but it managed to come out without the same problems as I had last time.  However, it has been two hours and I still haven't peed.  If I can't by twelve o'clock, we will probably travel to the doctor on the coast so that the fun can start all over again.  And they say the middle years are boring...

If nothing else, it is liberating to spend a few hours without my latex companion.  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Do continue to post your self absorbed chatter as I do look forward to easily getting news without bothering you with calling all the time. Thinking about you lots and hope today will be better.
XO Mis

Blue Heron said...

Have been calling you for days, Melissa - thought you bailed the country - some snooty trip to Provence or something... Young lassie in love and the rest of the world disappears -Thanks for thinking of me.

oxo Robert

Anonymous said...

i've been in and out of dental hell the past few days, but i know it doesn't compare to what you've been going through..wishing you luck and all other good stuff...nels

Sanoguy said...

Robert... I hope things are getting better... fast!!!! I will be attending a couple of film fest events, I hope you are up to going and that I see you there!!

Take care!!!