Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

It's a beautiful breezy Sunday in the land of guacamole. I am feeling a little bit better every day. My prostate's trip to the precipice has been narrowly averted. The incredible pain from the beginning of the week was largely retired with the removal of my new plastic plaything. I can candidly attest that I can pee again, at least in dribbles.

I opened my shop on Friday and Saturday and lo and behold sold some paintings, one pretty good one, so looks like I might have enough money to go for another month and not stress. I was on the verge of borrowing money and don't want to go there if I can help it.

A client came in yesterday and bought a German surrealist painting from the thirties and two Joichi Hoshi prints. She is very sweet and owns a winery to boot locally. A cool spot in De Luz where she is experimenting with pinot noir vines. Should be very interesting, hope she can pull it off. I want to invite her to my next wine party when I can drink again. Good solid regular clients, I appreciate them so much! Our regulars will pull us through all the crap, and we will all take care of each other.

An amazing customer came in and bought a small painting as a gift for a friend. She is an attorney, whose husband, also an attorney, was a serious burn victim. She married him after the accident, cares for him completely and is totally in love. I am in awe of the selfless people I meet who have the love and breadth of character to devote to those in need. There are a lot of special needs kids that work out at my gym and I get the same feelings when I consider their selfless and gentle caregivers. People who face their struggles with an ever present smile blow me away.

Speaking of those in need, my mother in law, who is wheelchair bound and has been for nearly 19 years with M.S., had an unfortunate accident in Coronado last week when kids either left or launched a skateboard in front of her scooter, causing her to break a clavicle and spend a night in the hospital. Very painful injury and the kids all ran away. Little shits.

The Film Festival is wrapping up today with an awards ceremony and a party at the Pala Casino, which I might skip. Not quite as much energy as last year but might be my own low ebb.

John Morris brought me a box of books to recuperate with, am reading an interesting one called The Carpet Wars that looks at the conflicts in Afghanistan and the surrounding areas through the prism of a carpet collector.

No caffeine, alcohol or spicy foods for a month, I am seriously jonesing. Thanks again for all the good wishes.


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Sanoguy said...

Lookin' good!!! feelin' fine!!! Good to see you at the Film Fest!!