Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The new crusades.

The May issue of always excellent Harper's magazine has an extraordinary cover story on the current evangelization of the military, from Petraeus on down. It is entitled Jesus killed Mohammed: the crusade for a Christian military and written by Jeff Sharlet. Harper's frowns on being reprinted and you will not be able to download the story from their website but I recommend you pick up a copy from a newsstand or library. Try to click on my title link.

The article trods over the now familiar ground of Mikey Weinstein and anti-semitism in the Air Force Academy but it also shines a light on a lot of major evangelizing being done right now in Iraq, including tanks with graffiti that boast on their sides that Jesus killed Mohammed. You will experience a very sick feeling in your gut after you read this article. And it looks like this deluded proselytizing starts at the top of the chain of command. A lot of our military apparently are not real keen on the concept of a separation of church and state either. Many of our soldiers have been taught that they are fighting a holy war against the forces of, you guessed it, Satan Himself. Please check it out!

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