Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 Japanese Penis Festival (豊年祭)

more from the penis festival.


grumpy said...

really gross, dude, especially this being Easter weekend; not that you would care about that; reminds me of how i turned on the radio on Christmas Day a couple years ago, and sports talk guru Jim Rome was yammering on about skanks and whores; sorry, brother, just keepin' it real.

Blue Heron said...

Well, I must say - sorry to have offended you. Easter was the farthest thing from my mind, being your basic heretic. However I thought the beauty of the festival was the benign, loving way the japanese celebrated the Penis in this Shinto fertility rite. We have so much shame regarding sexuality in this country, it's nice to see cultures embrace it. I would assume that even your savior himself, born of immaculate conception, had functioning body parts and wasn't some plastic Ken doll. Sex isn't usually dirty, but repressed people certainly can turn it into something ugly. Enjoy the holiday anyway and see you soon. Thanks for the hospital visit.

Anonymous said...

If Grumpy thinks that the Japaneese Penis Celebration is gross he might consider this news item;
The Obama Administration continues to allow the hunting of Easter Eggs. Each year the White House allows children to hunt for rare and endangered Easter Bunny Eggs.
The Easter Bunny is related to the Duckbilled Platypus. They are the only mammals that lay eggs. The Easter Bunny lays a sugar coated egg. Around Easter time Children with colorful baskets search for these rare eggs culminating with the finding and destroying of these precious and rare eggs. The kids craven the creamy embryo filled with rich dark chocolate. Most experts agree that this wanton frenzy of hunting eggs has nothing to do with Easter and it has been commercialized by fake Easter Eggs sold in stores. Wildlife experts predict that if we do not place a ban on Easter Egg hunting the species will become extinct in a few years.

grumpy said...

ok, i overreacted, again; must remind myself to keep my big mouth shut in future... you'll be happy to learn that i decided to cancel my subscription to the Resurrection yesterday, at least temporarily; instead of going to Easter services, i went hiking in the Santa Rosa Ecological Preserve in Murrieta for a few hours, my first time there; a beautiful expanse, and the vernal pools aren't due to dry up for a couple more months...very nice post about your mother, she sounds like a remarkable lady...feel better and good luck with the film fest.