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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bush Cheney Alumni Association

                                    Time to go?

If you are in need of a little levity in your life click on this link to a new website extolling the virtues of the Bush Cheney administration. This site, apparently created by past hirelings of the 43rd Presidency, reads like a cultural revolutionary screed in China glorifying Mao.  Kind of like reading someone's old high school yearbook "Dick, good luck in the summer - drink a lot of your victim's blood."  I tried to read the section entitled "setting the record straight" but it is apparently still under construction so I will have to wait to get the scoop.

I have never seen another past administration in my fifty plus years that was so aggressive and rapacious in trying to justify and redeem their legacy. One would have hoped that Dick Cheney would quietly saunter off to his hardened nuclear silo but he is out there in the flats, still slugging it out for waterboarding and Guantanamo, and hoping and wishin' for a new terrorist attack so that he can prove his mamby pamby critics wrong. Over at Langley, General Michael Hayden says that while one can quibble over whether it was torture or not, you sure can't argue with the results.  Now that's the kind of moral clarity we expect from our leaders.

Bush says that he started his administration with a recession and he ended with one but they had 52 months of job growth that they should get a little credit for.  I seem to remember him starting out with a fat surplus that he insisted go back to the taxpayer and then he outspent every other administration in history but what do I know? Seems like we will be paying his bills for a while.  But that has been the typical m.o. for this gang, deny, deny, equivocate, never take responsibility, never admit any wrongdoing, then scoot out the door like you're wearing a teflon overskin.

I would like to see them talk about the virtues of deregulation again, since it worked so well at the SEC and in the peanut industry.  You know, companies will police themselves.  Ask the folks buried under the coal ash in Tennessee.

Bushites will tell you that they have kept America free the past eight years.  A retired CIA Station Chief said earlier this week that there had been no credible threats against the country the last eight years.  Yet we have bankrupted the nation for this "protection".   I keep going back to the Clarke august memo to Rice telling her to watch out for planes ramming into the World Trade Center. How have they gotten this free pass?

The three part series on Bush accomplishments is riveting.  You can read Karl Rove's essay Bush the book reader, John Kyl's paean to Ballistic missile defense and the always popular, Thomas Donnelly's Lincoln, Churchill, Bush.  And you thought Michael Phelps was hitting the bong hard.

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Anonymous said...

Wowy, Robert, this is a great find -- and a great tribute to the wonderfully overt acknowledgement that the Bush administration was, in fact, the Bush-Cheney administration, as described on the site. I wonder how much this effort is to protect Cheney and Rove from Bush's legacy as it is to rewrite their collective history. ...