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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michael Phelps - Boycott Kelloggs!

Michael Phelps has been dropped by Kelloggs like a hot ember from the end of a joint packed with cheap mexican pot.  Kid gets in one wrestling match with the bong and you'd think he'd robbed a bank.

I think the Kelloggs Board of Directors will have more credibility with me if they would all agree to submit to their own individual drug tests for evidence of the evil substance. And no medical excuses please, every fifty year old suffers from arthritis.

Hey, new president, how about an end to the stupid war on pot? Forty years testing and all they've come up with is that it makes you go running for the cheesecake.  Enough.


Anonymous said...

Phelps is a complete idiot.

Rule # 1 you ALWAYS deny you ever smoked anything.
Rule #2 It was Photoshop!
Rule #3 You were only joking and posing with somebodys bong-because you would never do something so foolish as to smoke the sinister narcotic Marijuana.
Rule #4 You have your personal attorney bite the London Times reporters leg off and threaten them with a zillion dollar lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I think Michael Phelps is a better endorsement for weed than he was for Kelloggs. Bravo!

grumpy said...

worth checking out.