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Sunday, February 15, 2009

dream correspondence

I pulled the last blog posting this morning - too depressing. Got the following comment in an anonymous email and thought it deserved posting:

We must ALL re-invent ourselves. Thinking that Obama is a God that will destroy the evil Wall St. and home foreclosure problems is absurd.

People need to find the resources within and coordinate their lives with the reality that the Bush Administration has left us in a terrible mess.

We need to stop eating at chic restaurants and staying at posh hotels. The need for an exciting sports car or Arabian horse needs to be disminished. The outrageous concert ticket prices we can't afford will have to wait.

Our youth needs to grow up and start learning from their teachers and not some XBOX. Our children need to lead by example over a nation of mislead flower children parents who have sold out to material illusions.

Obama might not be the Messiah that the liberals crowned him to be, but he has a pretty solid plan to save our nation from further recession (or more realistically) depression. It will take time, alot more time than most people will require. There will be friends and relatives that go down in this mess and lose all. Prudent advice would be to start being more aware of our insatiable appetite for material things we do not need and cannot afford.

Unfortunately the rewards for a productive society have been kidnapped by the Madoff's, Mozilo's and AIG's. Corporate America stole our inheritance and Wen Jiabao holds the ransom note. Allen Greenspan has raped our children and Bush/Cheney have crippled our veterans. Americans will have to adjust to our unstable economy, and do it very soon.
It will hurt us all. Expect to take a nosedive in class structure. Learn to live with less because there is less to live with.

The Black Widows and vipers will try their best to distort the positive actions of our new President's Administration. The Faux New's and EIB's will poison peoples minds with fear and lies to set their own agendas. The big oil and coal industries will spend millions to stop alternative energy. Expect to see charlatans selling America the same old snake oils that have not worked. They would rather see Americans fail and fall into deeper depression than allow Obama to introduce alternative energy sources, and they have the money to do it[and will]

Unfortunately art, music, and literature will be hit hard. The luxuries we once took for granted will be strangled between a cultural clash between liberal thought and conservative greed.

Asking people to boycott gas stations or turn the thermometer down will never work, however we can turn away from frivolous things we do not need such as prescriptions that do not work,excercise equiptment we meant to use but never did, TV's we do not need and items we can live with out, etc. etc. Pay off your credit card bills before buying some useless reward for boredom. We can do without hanging out in bars. Try sobriety!

It's not the end of the World, nor is it doom and gloom. It is just America waking up from 8 years of dormancy. We need to look at the general health of the retail industry.

My comments are by no way an attack on anyones trip. Simply put, we need to adjust our lifestyles and re-invent ourselves as merchants and as buyers because we are in the mist of economic uncertainty.

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