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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Battle lines

Famed journalist Carl Bernstein noted recently that we are hip deep in a cold civil war in this country. He is of course right. Facts and principles mean little these days, it is all about money and power. Republicans are holding together behind their stalwart leader, it's just Trump being Trump, the dems were out to get him from day one, blah, blah, blah. But I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot, how would they react? Let's say President Kamala Harris asked the government of Monaco for a little dirt on her political rival Mike Pence in exchange for a little moolah and the media found out about it. You think the GOP would give her a pass? Or if President Joe Biden called Republicans human scum as Trump called democrats this morning. Do you think that things will ever approach normal in this country again after this abomination of a presidency? Conservatives, you have had your wishes answered with President Trump, nary an elected GOP official will offer a discouraging word. Not advisable, not impeachable. Trump's behavior must be acceptable now. So just own it all later. We've seen how your policy vision turns out. We will remember.


Jerry Hall said...

It's always been about money and power. If people can't be bought, then they'll be blackmailed. It's just a cost of doing business for the real powers that be. Reps & Dems are two sides of the same coin. Go to other countries and their governments are corrupt as well. The third world countries are more honest about it and don't try to hide it like first world nations do. A lot of folks see the world that they want. There is some wisdom in seeing the world the way it is.

Martin said...

We're currently living through what I refer to as "The Great Unmasking" because none what we're witnessing is new - it's just gotten more blatant.

In a way, trump and company have done us a favor - what we do with this knowledge is up to us, of course, but be aware that we'll never return to "How-It-Was" no matter who occupies the seats of power.

Ken Seals said...

It's pretty discouraging to see how people are so hard over for their side.

The Phantom Knows said...

Look, if Hunter had a strong father figure that straighten his ass out 20 years ago none of this would have taken place.