Blue Heron in flight

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Tough luck

Lesser Yellowlegs
I drove all the way out to my refuge today, only to find out that it was duck hunting day and that my entrance as a non bird killer was forbidden.

I thought that it was Wednesday and Sunday that it is off limits, it is actually Wednesday and Saturday.

I should have known, as I approached hunters leaving the wildlife area in their lifted trucks drove by as fast they could, spraying dust and gravel all over, exhibiting their normal alpha, troglodyte, inconsiderate, boorish behavior.

I decided to play dumb and sneak in anyway but the birds were skittish and not to be seen, not that I blame them any on account of the company.

I tried to go to the Walker Ponds but they were closed too so I called it a day and went home. My bad.

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