Egret and crab

Saturday, December 2, 2023



This is a picture (of a juvenile black crowned night heron) that I took with my first long lens, the Sigma 50-500mm, known as the "Bigma" among its devotees. It weighed over four and a half lbs and it was a serious workout to carry around all day. But it took beautiful pictures and had an incredible focal range.

Sadly I loaned it to a friend who left it on his deck and the internal parts got filled with sand and I had to throw it away, now essentially a four and a half lb. paperweight.  I lost another lens in a similar fashion but the loanee bought me a replacement. Never loan your equipment, you get no benefit and only bad things can happen.

Here is a shot I took in front of my house in the early morning. While the Bigma is somewhat antiquated by today's standards, it had its own particular set of charms.

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