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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

End of the year shots, 2023

 keep them coming, folks...

Leslie Sommers

Kyoto sculpture - Linda Kohn Sherwood

Oceanside sunset - Heidi Borsch

View across the Salish Sea - Retha Evans

Happy New Year - Noreen Ring

Doug Garn

Honoring my almost 100 year old uncle Jack Lyons, who just passed.
Hellcat pilot on Essex. Found last standing battleship Yamato,
received DFC as well as silver star and eight air medals.
Flew Japanese surrender signing on the Missouri Battleship.
He said his best mission was dropping food and cigarettes to POW's
after camp surrenders.
- Jeff Barney

Jon Harwood - Sunrise this morning

Taken at sun-up from Coronado golf course starters shed. - Chip Lyon

My partner Saemee - Michael Loughlin

wounded hawk we rescued and took to wildlife vet in Temecula - Stephanie Boren

South Side Kauai - Terry Schurmeier

New Hampshire snow - Kip Peterson

Zero Hour - Robert Sommers

Pizza box art, Portland Maine - Dominic Grossi

California Christmas Trees - Linda Wilson

Elderly Tohono O’odham Basket Weaver Leona Garcia
 with freshly picked Yucca leaves for her future baskets.
- Terry DeWald

Temple monks and dog, Laos - Lena Leichtling

Temple buddhas - Ron Holder

painting of a Peruvian girl - Cecilia Lyon

End of year.
In the midst of turbulence,
serenity and comfort with my new adopted rescue, Rocky
. - Mary Perhacs

Ron Wylie

W88th and Amsterdam Ave, NYC - Stan Schnier

Rainy day, NYC - Mike Reardon

View from Casa Cole - Jill Cole

Our villa, Bugbug, Bali - Helen McHargue
Midway Magic - James O'Donnell

Shrine on Kurama mountain, Kyoto - Richard Neuman

My dog drives a BMW - Jan Jacoy

Carol Schmidt

Sunrise over Venice, September 16 - Richard Carpenter

Whitetail Buck, Teton National Park, 9/2023.
Nikon Z 8. 180-600mm lens.
- Ken Seals

Canyon de Chelly - Shirley Timberman

Goodwill to all mankind, at Thai Thai in Fallbrook - Steve Wagman

Vancouver Island - Nitza Leichtling
Sabino canyon sunrise - Scott Bolhack 

Koh Samui - Shawn Mayes
William Warmboe

Point Loma Sunset - Penny Fedorchak

Rudy, August 2023, Spokane, Washington - Thom Gianetto

Crystal Lake, Mammoth - Ray Fedorchak

Three year old Dax flying high in Rainbow - Tom Pecore

Haga Sofia, Istanbul - Beth Jester

Bernadette Olsen

At the seawall, Narragansett - Linda Forman

Self portrait of some weirdo with the initials KB

Melissa in Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland - Brian Lebel

Steve Saylor

taking a break - Ray and Kris Hamblen


Ken Seals said...

A lot of great and very enjoyable photos!

Blue Heron said...

I agree, many good ones this year. I love the Pima woman, my wife's picture, Linda Wilson's shot, so many to pick from...