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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Deed is done


I held off as long as I could but in the end, resistance was futile. I went ahead and bought the base model Mac Studio M2.

I was running into some serious stalls and beach balls and could no longer upgrade my most valuable tool, Lightroom Classic. It was just a matter of time before my 2014 27" 5k retinal screen 16gb  iMac was a paperweight. But hey, ten years old, I got everything I could out of the thing and have no regrets.

I thought about the Mac Mini pro with 32gb but the price of the loaded one was so close to the Studio I figured I might as well spend a little extra and get the extra thunderbolt ports and the better fan.

I pestered my tech savvy friends for guidance and they all seemed to be on board. Jeff gifted me a nice 4k monitor. Ken came over and copied most of my old hard drive to a new fast external 2tb ssd drive.

So I bought the new computer, with apple pay and then promptly sent it back unopened. I had bought the truly base model with a 512gb ssd. My old computer had a 1.28 fusion drive, nearly full. I dumped and consolidated but thought it made sense to get at least the 1tb ssd, which is also faster than the 512 and makes memory swapping somewhat easier.

Ken is back east and the new unit remains unopened until we have time to set it up in a week or two. The deed is done. I don't like spending money but I had to, I depend on my computer for so much of my business and pleasure.

I am really looking forward to seeing the improvements from my old intelmac.

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