Egret and crab

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Getting up to speed

I was on the phone for an hour with an ATT representative. I had a simple question that he was not able to answer, what was my current internet speed at work and what were my options for upgrading? I have fiber to my building and didn't think it should be so hard to figure out but evidently it was, after hemming and hawing for an hour he told me he would call me back and never did.

I have a new computer coming and would like all the speed I can reasonably get. 

I called back to today and got Catherine in the Philippines.  What a difference. She instantly deduced that I had a 300mbps plan and told me that I could upgrade to either 500 or a 1000.

I asked her about available deals and was able to get the upgrade to 500 and save eighty dollars a month on my office phone and internet. Then she gave Leslie a free upgrade on her wireless and a new iPhone.

When I speed tested my new connection both up and download was actually well over 660 mbps! Awesome! The difference on my computer is palpable, so much faster and I don't even have the Mac Studio hooked up yet.


A similar dynamic played out at home today. San Diego Broadband not only upgraded our dish, they installed the new Netgear 5G modem. So we are sailing along faster there too.

Thank you to both of our providers! Sometimes it pays to ask.